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How to create an account

After creating an account, you will be able to post listings, track favourites and communicate with others.


Managing contact information

Having an accurate profile will help increase your credibility with other members. 


Signing in & logging out

Once you have registered an account, you can login to get started and begin personalising your experience.


How to reset your password

Regularly updating your password helps keep your account secure. Learn how to reset it here.


Getting Started

How to create a listing

A range of tools are available to ensure you reach your audience. It’s vital listings are accurate so everyone knows what they’re getting.


How to report a listing

If there is a listing on the site that you think violates our listing policies, let us know so we can investigate it.


Revise, end or repost a listing

Listings can be edited including the title, price, description and photos. You can also repost your listing to give it another go if it has expired.


Search effectively

Find what you’re looking for and keep track of the listings once you’ve found them with our range of search tools.


Promote Listings & User Dashboard

How to promote a listing

While it’s free to post, sometimes you may want to give your listing a boost to reach further audiences. 


Page views

Each listing displays page view information and helps you understand how they are performing.


Send & reply to messages

Whether you’re buying or selling – being able to communicate with each other is the core of any deal.


Exchanging feedback

Feedback encourages fair trading and helps you make informed decisions before committing further.


Common Definitions in International Trade

Incoterms 2020

Incoterms are a serious of pre-defined trade terms most commonly used in international commercial transactions.


Common shipping documents

The most common shipping documents defined and required in order to successfully export and import goods. 


Common payment methods

Familiarise yourself with the numerous forms of payment most commonly associated with international trade.


Common packing types

From bulk shipment to containerised, familiarise yourself common packing types for import and export goods.


Wyverne Policies

General listing policies

Find out what is and not permitted. Listings that fall outside these rules may be removed from the site.


Member policy

Policies in this section are in place to protect everyone in our community and to ensure an enjoyable experience.


Duplicate listing policy

Multiple listings posted for the same item are considered duplicates. This may cause your listing to be removed.


Feedback policy

Guidelines and policies stated in this section are in place to ensure feedback is used constructively and fairly.


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