About Us

Wyverne is a start-to-finish solutions provider incorporating traditional commodity trading with an online marketplace specialising in wholesale import and export agricultural commodities. We enable businesses of the industry potential to grow with minimal barriers to entry regardless of their size, background and geographical location.

Community-powered and focused, our platform’s construction and value are supported by a diverse team across the agricultural space, combining the knowledge, data and expertise to ensure members and guests enjoy a tailored experience with an unparalleled selection at their fingertips to source or sell product. 

Complementing the online marketplace, Wyverne is also actively engaged in the merchanting of agricultural grains, oilseeds and meats. Encompassing a diverse portfolio spanning the entire supply chain, our global reach and extensive industry affiliations help us deliver value to clients around the world reliably and responsibly. 

Adding Value

The international commodity industry is inherently inefficient as a result of imperfect market information and bureaucratic trade practices. These inefficiencies often stall the chronological timeline of trade negotiations and procedures progressing further; forgoing the initial trade opportunity.

Our goal is to minimise these inefficiencies by providing an easy-to-use and curated experience for both buyers and sellers to connect, market, and communicate directly in improving economic opportunity for all.

The Specialty


Powerful Search

Search filters spanning 6 interest categories allow refinement to the smallest detail. Find what you’re after the first time. Every time.



Keep Track of Enquiries

Be notified of any unread messages and comments, and reply directly to potential buyers and sellers within the dashboard message centre. 



Data & Analytics

Create better listings. Keep track how your listings are performing to help improve and expand market reach within the user dashboard.



Compare & Evaluate

Compare multiple listings to gain a better understanding and determine which listing would best suit your needs and requirements.


Reviews & Feedback

Leaving behind feedback is a great way to say thanks. Give feedback based on your experience to help others in their decision making.


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